Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Onlive Server offers you the best and cheap windows VPS hosting service with all necessary features to launch your website successfully in minutes. You can get it from Onlive Server at a reasonable price which you will be not able to get from any other reliable companies because we believe in quality and client satisfaction. Our main concern is client’s services and satisfaction and we provide you the cheapest prices with the best hosting services, customer support and reliability. We offer Cheap Windows VPS Hosting that provides you excellent stability, high bandwidth, and great performance to run your websites with incredible speed, reliability, and security at a very affordable price plan that suits your business requirements perfectly.

Cheap Windows VPS

Virtual private servers are a great solution for anybody who needs their own server to run applications or even host websites, without paying too much money. With Onlive Server’s cheap windows VPS, you get lots of space on our servers, but also bandwidth that is enough for your growing business. If you want to be able to move your server around to other places in order to get better speeds, you will love how easy it is with our cloud storage solutions.

Use our expertise to host your website or application on a reliable Windows VPS server that has premium bandwidth and the latest hardware. Our system includes a sleek control panel with a built-in reseller merchant account, which allows you to rent out your unused resources to other individuals and businesses at all times.

Features of Cheap Windows VPS

Onlive Server provides all features of Cheap Windows VPS at a very cheap price. But Onlive Server not gives you a window license key, but you can install Microsoft Office 365 & use it for 1 year without any charges. I will highly recommend Onlive Server to anyone who’s looking for a decent web hosting package at an affordable price $9.

Why Choose Cheap Windows VPS?

A server is not much different from a personal computer. While it may serve many more users, in many ways it functions much like a home computer you might have at home. The hardware inside both machines is largely similar; they’re just scaled up to be able to handle more users.

Onlive Server provides cheap Windows VPS hosting plans starting at just $9 per month. Our VPS servers are hosted on enterprise hardware, so you can count on the performance of your Windows VPS to be fast, reliable and secure.

Some benefits by Onlive Server

Onlive Server delivers the high-performance price/performance ratio you need for high-performance server applications.

Onlive Server Windows VPS hosting includes everything you need for high-performance Windows server applications:

• RAM and disk storage that can grow on-demand, so you can scale your Windows VPS as your application grows.

Great performance. Onlive Server’s Windows VPS hosts provide high-performance hosting with guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Security. Onlive Server provides full HTTPS and industry-standard SSH access.

Direct access to Microsoft’s IIS. Onlive Server’s Windows VPS hosts provide direct access to Microsoft’s IIS, so you can run IIS-hosted websites, including ASP.NET websites.

Telephone support. Onlive Server’s Windows VPS hosts provide telephone support 24/7/365 technical support.

How Is Cheap Windows VPS Different From Other Similar Providers?

Onlive Server is the best Windows VPS Hosting in the market. Onlive Server has an answer. A range of Windows VPS hosting packages are available, starting at just $9 per month. Check out our plans now.

Are you looking for cheap Windows VPS hosting services which gives you the best reliability, availability and security? Then look no further than Onlive Server! Our team of in-house system administrators and cybersecurity specialists will handhold and securely host your clients’ websites and data. We’re also willing to assist our customers in any way that we can. All of our employees have a friendly and knowledgeable attitude and are ready to provide any assistance that they can.

Our Cheap Windows VPS hosting plans come with full root access. And our Windows VPS hosting plans offer unlimited traffic. And our Windows VPS hosting plans come with unlimited data storage. Our Windows VPS hosting plans also come with instant activation.

Get your own Cheap Windows VPS Hosting by Onlive Server! Our offer can’t be beaten on price or standard of the service you receive.


Onlive Server offers VPS plans starting at $9/month and they use SSD storage and Intel processors so loading times will be lightning fast. If you aren’t sure whether a virtual server is right for your business, sign up to see how it works for you!