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What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows VPS hosting refers to a virtual private server that runs on a Microsoft operating system called Windows Server. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a reliable, cheap, and completely secure hosting solution. Windows VPS provides an all-in-one plan where clients get all the features at a very low price. Buy Windows VPS at an affordable price by Online Server. Onlive Server is one of the best Windows VPS providers in 50+ countries around the world.

Onlive Server takes great pride in providing high-quality buy Windows VPS services at competitive rates. Using the best technology available, we bring fast, reliable access to businesses. Our buy windows VPS hosting plans are specially designed for high-quality performance. Our providing includes a super high performance with a unique environment that is normally only possible with dedicated servers.

Buy Windows VPS

Features Window VPS


We regard security as the biggest advantage that you get with fully managed VPS hosting providers, and since they are fully loaded with next-generation tools to fix security issues, you’ll need to take care of that department. I will never have to worry.

In addition, they set up a security mechanism, which keeps your website safe from various phishing attacks and viruses. If you own an unmanaged Windows VPS hosting. You will need to pay for installing firewalls, upgrading security tools regularly, etc.


Running a website is no butter on the bread! You fall into serious situations at times, and there are high chances. That you do not know the treatment for such pathetic conditions. For this, you need good and friendly technical support.

If you encounter software-related interruptions or hardware failures, you can ping 24 x 7 technical support, consisting of various experts, who solve problems in no time.


Server monitoring is definitely important and getting regular server monitoring is a huge advantage with a fully managed web hosting plan. They ensure timely detection of vulnerabilities and discrepancies and prevent them before they expand into major failures, which can definitely affect your business.

As you are getting regular scanning (which includes everything) from Onlive Server, your site will perform at its best!


Without Proper server management, a website cannot run, If it’s not included in your hosting plan, you are spending good money on hiring professionals.

The services of managed web hosting plans, such as Windows SSD VPS Opal Plans from Onlive Server are very economical as you get comprehensive solutions for all the issues, which eliminates the process of hiring experts and spending money.

Unmanaged hosting plans certainly look cheap and attractive, but they hide many additional hidden costs. We must thank Onlive Server for providing a fully managed plan at the cost of an unmanaged, most importantly, without hiding any hidden costs. Buy Best Cheap VPS at an affordable price by Online Server


If you buy a fully managed VPS plan. Your service provider offers the facility of regular automatic backups. Regular backups allow you the flexibility to test certain things on your website without worrying about damage.

It also helps, when your file, document unwanted delete afford that loss. If you have a Windows SSD VPS Opal plan from Onlive Server, and you accidentally deleted some stuff from your website today, you can just restore everything from yesterday’s backup! In short, you avoid data loss.

Easy to use:

Onlive Servers offers Windows VPS hosting plans with high quality at a very low cost. It is very easy to set up and operate, saving cost over other services, allowing Windows Small Business Server clients to Integrate critical equipment into your existing network. while enjoying the flexibility of a virtual server environment at a very low cost.


Pick the right windows VPS hosting by Onlive Server which provides the most resources for an affordable price. Price and quality, storage capacity, customer support, and server performance are some of the things to keep in mind.

Your choice of Windows VPS server will largely determine how easily you build your website. It will also determine the end-user experience, which is the driving force of traffic to your website.