Managed WordPress Hosting

For your business to succeed online today prefer a reliable Managed WordPress Hosting solution Onlive Server offers reliable WordPress hosting on infrastructure that has been optimized for incredible speed.

As we all know how gradually WordPress acquired its prevalence. Because of its prevalence, web hosting providers have worked in WordPress to offer the services known as Managed WordPress Hosting. It is a specialized hosting service for WordPress with this help, all the technical aspects of WordPress are managed by the host. This includes security, speed, updates, everyday backup, uptime, and adaptability. Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of this is the top-notch support. The support is provided by genuine WordPress specialists with lots of experience rather than somebody who is reading a support manual.

On the off chance that you have a small business or have a huge traffic site, then, it’s a good idea to continue ahead with Managed WordPress Hosting. Assuming you need specialized abilities, as an entrepreneur, you have two choices. You could either enlist a system admin to deal with your site, or you can use a Managed WordPress Hosting provider.

If you want something quick, secure, and with magnificent support then you have the appropriate response. Presently, that you have learned about Managed WordPress Hosting, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to settle on a choice.

Onlive Server offers the latest and best features of Managed WordPress Hosting which helps your business to grow day and night. We provide the best facilities like high speed, scalability, full control, unlimited bandwidth, multiple choice of OS, High Security, Best Performance. Instant Technical Support executives who are ready to assist you 24×7.

Advantages Of Buying Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Rapid Setup

Managed WordPress Hosting is a specialized hosting service for WordPress where all technical aspects of running WordPress are managed by the hosting providers. So with a Managed WordPress Hosting arrangement, there’s no compelling reason to design anything. Everything is already introduced on the server.

All you want is to add your space and update the nameservers or DNS at your domain registrar and pick the WordPress package. That is it!

Through the accessible setup features, your WordPress site can be live within a couple of minutes!

The greater part of the Managed WordPress Hosting offers free SSL certificates that you can rapidly enlist and set up in your domain.

2. Superior Performance

A completely Managed WordPress Hosting service ensures high performance compared with other hosting solutions since it utilizes the most recent advances like PHP 7, NGINX, and so on, and offers the newest design.

WordPress is coordinated and adjusted to the server to convey more amazing execution and better stacking speeds.

3. First-rate Security

Security is the primary component for WordPress users. As the web is developing, so are the programmers. Without the appropriate security techniques, each site is powerless against malware attacks.

Most of the providers have prime security elements and firewalls introduced in their environments. They screen your site 24 X 7 and keep the intruders under control!

It’s impossible that anybody can break it or attack your websites. Regardless of whether they, the specialized help will assist you with recovering from that.

Simply examine how the specialists are doing WordPress security.

Extra Features

1. Daily Backups

Backing up and restoring information is one of the main concerns for site owners today. Ordinary backup features are available in a premium shared hosting packages however it will set you back additional.

All things considered, the automatic backup is already designed into this and it is available for free.

At whatever point you deal with an issue or want to restore the backed-up information, you can simply utilize the single tick restore feature included available on your hosting account.

2. First-class Support

Other than offering a completely Managed WordPress Hosting solution with a scalable element, you will get 24×7 full client support.

Likewise, most of the providers additionally offer assets and instructions to troubleshoot any problem to help the clients.

3. Completely Scalable

In this service, you likewise get the adaptability to increase or down according to your inclinations. The hosting provider will charge you depending upon the resources you use for the month.

In case you are anticipating a great deal of traffic during the bubbly season and not such a huge amount during the offseason, you can only upscale your assets as needs are.

It is very troublesome in a common facilitating situation where the facilitating supplier will normally invite you to settle on a committed server.

Managed WordPress Hosting will screen the asset utilization and tell you when you are going to arrive at the pre-defined limits.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

As the web world is advancing, hosting organizations are coming up with better answers for accelerating websites and updating the general user experience. One such development is VPS Cloud Hosting.

At the point when placed in comparison, VPS cloud hosting without a doubt beats the customary hosting arrangements, for example, shared facilitating, VPS, or dedicated server hosting in regards to execution, security, and price point.

What is VPS Cloud Hosting?

VPS Cloud Hosting permits you to arrange a server that is profoundly versatile and solid. The assets are spread across a few web servers, and consequently, the Downtime is nearly NIL.

In basic words, VPS Cloud Hosting is




We at Onlive Server recognize that making current sites requires a WordPress Hosting climate that is steady, secure, and enhanced.