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Flexible VPS Cloud Hosting Services

Get Cloud Environment for your Hosting Needs and adapt the main thing in innovation through our VPS Cloud Hosting. Get the High Power, Control, and adaptability to keep up with your websites utilizing our Cloud Hosting by buying it at a reasonable cost in India. Our VPS Hosting is the most brilliant answer for associations searching for a Reliable, Customized, and Affordable Environment. Onlive Server is offering VPS Cloud Hosting at the Best Buy Price with High-Level Security, IPS, and IDS Firewalls, Round Clock Server accessibility, adaptability to introduce any Application, Unlimited Bandwidth, 100% Uptime, and 24/7 Live Chat Support.

 At the point when you purchase 4 cuts or more, we incorporate oversaw support. Our help can assist you with diagnosing server issues, for example, information base issues or administrations that are not running. We are free every minute of every day by telephone, live talk, and ticket framework. One more well-known decision for working experts is Windows VPS with a distant work area. Login from everywhere in the world and have every one of your applications consistently on the web and running. Regardless of your objectives are we would be respectful to serve you. Remember to back up your work on our Cloud Remote Backup Service for true serenity that your important information will consistently be there when you really want it.

Shared Hosting, VPS, Cloud, and VPS Cloud. What is the distinction?

As a matter of first importance, you really want to know how VPS Cloud Hosting is not quite the same as different choices. Thus, shared hosting resembles living in a mind-boggling loft. It implies every one of the occupants lives in a similar spot and should impart all accessible assets to everybody. In shared hosting, the host is selling you a piece of a server and every one of the assets is normal, so your site’s uptime can be affected by different sites situated on a similar server.

On account of VPS, you actually share a server with different clients. Yet you additionally get a reliable measure of RAM and CMU limits that are committed uniquely to your record. Cloud hosting empowers limitless quantities of machines to go about as one framework. o you can accomplish the most significant level of site execution. Furthermore, it permits scaling assets you want and paying just for those you use.

Considering the data above, it is not difficult to figure VPS Cloud Hosting represents VPS that is taken to a cloud. The upsides of Cloud VPS server consolidate advantages of both VPS and Cloud hosting and VPS Cloud Hosting. Is the most ideal choice particularly when you are maintaining a web-based business. High-load locales work quickly. Even while getting a colossal measure of traffic, however, let us covers each advantage in its turn.

Faster and High-Performance Hosting

With Multiple Resources remembered for our VPS Cloud Hosting plan. Your website or Applications are prepared to run faster while never dialing back. Onlive Server offers VPS Cloud Hosting with pure SSD Drives that convey a High-Level Performance and accommodation. Get a Plan rapidly from Onlive Server and release the force of Cloud Hosting with local SSDs Coupled with High Network Speed.

Free Backup and Storage

A week after week backup is incorporated for your VPS Cloud Hosting. Onlive Server takes ceaselessly reinforcements of the information on his Cloud Server. Thus any Hassle on the occasion of unexpected information misfortune surviving. Its fast Restore strategy assists with getting back huge framework documents or even the whole server.

Full Control

Customers will oversee his site. You can conclude what you need on your VPS Cloud server. Onlive Server gives you full root access with their hosting arrangements. That allows you to introduce the control board and working framework without taking consent from us.

Pre-Installed Applications

The VPS Cloud Hosting Plans given by Onlive Server comes Pre-introduced with the Best Web Hosting Applications. You can pick Joomla, Magento, WordPress, or some other stage and we introduce it Free of Cost for your benefit. Any application that you pick will be Pre- Install by us quickly and is all set-in minutes.

24/7 Technical Support

Onlive Server is extremely Rich as far as giving Round Clock Technical Support. As we have a Well-qualified, Experienced, and Certified Technical Team who can resolve any inquiries or issues identified with the VPS Cloud Hosting in no time. You can contact for Support by means of the Live Chat Box, Email, or Phone call.


A VPS Cloud Hosting gives ensured framework assets no product or equipment overhead. By permitting clients to have full command over their virtual server, clients can enormously expand the effectiveness of their business. The best organizations that get the most cash flow utilizing VPS can set aside cash. Through the administrations of a completely Managed WordPress Hosting server rather than purchasing their own costly servers and working frameworks. They are a vastly improved choice for organizations with high requests for server assets. They take into account more prominent adaptability and expanded administration.