Linux shared hosting


That’s where Linux shared hosting comes in. It’s an affordable, reliable way to get the web presence you need without breaking the bank or giving up on your ideas about how your website should look and feel. But it’s not always clear what you should be looking for when choosing a Linux shared hosting provider or how much to spend on your web hosting. If you’re considering Linux shared hosting but don’t know which provider to use, here are some things to consider as you search for the right one for you.

What is Linux?

As you may know, Linux is an open-source operating system that powers everything from mobile phones to huge web servers. Linux is also responsible for powering one of our shared hosting solutions. With our high-performance cloud hosting platform, Onlive Server, you can run Linux servers and even use command-line tools from your Control Panel! Let’s take a look at how to start with Linux at Onlive Server.

What do you get with Linux hosting?

With Linux hosting, you can rest assured knowing that your website will work with any operating system. Because of its open-source foundation, Linux is more compatible with other programs than Windows and Mac OS X. This makes it ideal for running software scripts, applications, or services that may not work well with other platforms. In addition to security and stability, there are many benefits to choosing shared Linux hosting over Windows. Perhaps most notably is speed; Linux servers don’t need to update as often. They have much greater uptime rates than their Windows counterparts.

What are the plans offered by the onlive server?

Onlive Server gives customers an option to choose among four different plans and also provides space that ranges from 250MB to 2GB at prices starting as low as $2per month. With the Onlive server, customers can enjoy support via phone and email along with unmetered bandwidth and unlimited MySQL databases. All their plans include unlimited website transfers, a one-click script installer, and 30 days money-back guarantee. The plans are the best suited for beginners or even small businesses who want to start a website. Don’t want to spend too much cash in doing so.

A shared hosting account on our servers comes with unlimited bandwidth, an intuitive control panel, and a one-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, and other platforms. And, of course, you can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan whenever you want. Need more space? No problem – but don’t want it anymore? Just ask for a downgrade! It’s that simple!

What are the features of Linux servers?

Linux is one of many different server operating systems available. There are two main families of server operating systems: Linux and Windows. The former is free to use, while you’ll have to pay for Windows (though you can use Linux software with Windows servers). Although they both have similar roles, they offer different features. In general, Linux servers are better at multitasking and storing large amounts of data because it optimize for web hosting environments. Where Windows servers tend to be better at memory management and security. Linux is also more widely used than Microsoft’s OS in web hosting environments, which means there’s more support available if you run into problems.

Advantages of Linux Shared Hosting

While it’s true that there are many different types of web hosting, they all fall into two basic categories: Windows hosting and Linux hosting. Because of its open-source architecture, Linux is widely regarded as more secure than Windows. If you use one of our Linux shared hosting plans, you won’t have to worry about outages or malicious attacks, because with Linux servers you can avoid all of those common issues associated with other operating systems. And when it comes to saving money while using affordable web-hosting solutions, Linux really is your best bet.

•          30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

•          Popular Program Language Support – PHP, MySQL

•          Easy to use Parallels Plesk Control

•          FTP Access and Web-based file manager

•          MySQL Database Support with all plans

•          Database space is included as part of web hosting space

•          Fully qualified technical support – Live Chat, Phone and Email, skype.

•          24/7 Monitoring

Easy to use interface

Linux hosting is known for being powerful and flexible. but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. You don’t need an advanced degree in tech to use or manage your Linux server—our user-friendly control panel makes running your website as easy as possible. Whether you want to make simple edits, update your templates, configure email, or do something more advanced like upgrade PHP versions or set up MySQL databases, our streamlined interface makes it quick and easy to get things easily.

Easy to manage subdomain and email accounts

Linux hosting is usually as easy to manage as Windows hosting, but it tends to be cheaper. Onlive Server provides root access and can install any software you want. If you are planning to build an advanced website with custom applications, then Linux hosting is probably a better option for you. The cost savings of using Linux shared hosting packages make them highly competitive in terms of pricing compared to other server platforms like Windows or UNIX/Linux dedicated servers.

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How much does it cost?

While Linux hosting used to be more expensive than Windows, these days it’s actually quite affordable. An inexpensive hosting provider will start at $2/month while an up-and-coming company might charge as much as $10/month. If you can afford to spend between $6 and $8/month, however, you’ll get quality service without breaking your budget.