Game Dedicated Server

Your game dedicated server will come in a complete package if you choose the services of UK VPS.

A game dedicated server works in the form of a central data transmitter specifically used for multiplayer games. The players also get the option of connecting different game dedicated servers for playing all types of online games. The game dedicated servers available from UK VPS sync and manage the data of the gamers and they have the ability of helping the players play the most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games or MMORPG in the world. They also allow the players and their friends to take part in some of the most well-known online gaming competitions.

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
UK Dedicated - DSX1No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$89.00
UK Dedicated - DSX2No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$99.00
UK Dedicated - DSX3No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$130.00
UK Dedicated - DSX4No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$300.00
UK Dedicated - DSX5No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$300.00

At UK VPS, we have a clear understanding of the fact that it is very important for avid gamers to host their games personally. The UK VPS game dedicated server allows players and their friends to play a plethora of online games as groups. Our game dedicated servers have the potential of placing you in full control of the online game party. With our game dedicated servers at your disposal, you are the master of picking the games you like and the number of players you would like to play with. And that is not the only feature of the servers we have on offer for our clients.

Our server users get the flexibility of deciding the gamers they want to stay on the games and the ones they would not like to continue with. Our clients are the sole controllers of their game dedicated servers. They have the freedom of monitoring and supervising their online game party the way they like.

Why Use the Affordable Game Dedicated Server of UK VPS?

It is highly recommended that if you are an avid gamer then you must definitely go for the game dedicated server that you get from UK VPS. This is because our game servers have the potential of offering the best of multiplayer gaming experience and that too within the most affordable rates. With us, you will be getting game dedicated servers known for delivering outstanding performance along with good storage capacity.

Our game dedicated servers ensure that all kinds of technical restrictions do not come in the way of the enjoyable gaming experience of the clients. With our servers in place, one thing that comes as a guarantee for you is sheer gaming success. We make use of Intel processors while the administrators of our servers can even benefit from Solid State Drive storage options for boosting the performance of the servers.

There are various other features that our clients can expect from our game dedicated server hosting solutions and they are as follows:

Full Root Access

The UK VPS game dedicated server offers full root access to the server. Take for example; the users get the flexibility of installing additional servers for communicating with the fellow players. Root access to the game dedicated server offers complete control on the game of choice. Regardless of whether the players are in the look out of creating a Minecraft game server for playing with friends or hosting their favorite first-person shooter games with customized mods and maps, the setup of the server can always be customized for the ideal gaming experience.

UK VPS game dedicated servers also allow unrestricted traffic. Our servers boast of state-of-the-art resources and hardware like Intel processors and SSD storage. Also, all the different resources and hardware of the servers are checked on a regular basis and that too on very strict criteria.

Affordable and Flexible Gaming Dedicated Servers

The game dedicated server that you get from us can always be expanded to accommodate more players. With us, you also get the potential of adding slots and resources as and when the need might be. Our pay-as-you-use billing system makes our game dedicated server hosting affordable. According to the scheme, you will just have to pay for the resources you need or the resources you use without any upfront agreements or fees.

Reliable and Secure Game Servers

One of the most important factors playing a big role in the performance of a game dedicated server is the location of the data center. With UK VPS at your services, you can completely forget about data center location woes. This is because our data centers are known for providing top-level and smooth connectivity for the users.


  1. Are your game dedicated servers reliable and secure?

Yes, our gaming servers are protected against online threats on highly secure platforms with firewall technologies.

  1. Is uptime guaranteed?

Yes, our servers come with a guarantee of 99.99% uptime.

  1. What does that mean?

It means that you can count on our servers being up and working for you 24/7.

  1. What are the anti-DDoS game servers?

Anti-DDoS game servers are the most robust and efficient solutions presently available in the market. The main function of these servers is avoiding downtime for the services of the clients. Dissimilar to the standard server hosting solutions available in the market, these servers are adapted to huge traffic. They can be optimized with specific gaming profiles for added protection.

  1. How to choose the right hosting provider?

In order to make the choice of the right hosting provider, you will have to pay attention to the reputation of the provider and the customer service offered. Apart from this, you will also have to consider server uptime guarantee and server performance.