Managed VPS Hosting

For the ones who are in the lookout of a managed VPS hosting provider so that they can have their focus on the other core business activities, UK VPS can prove to be the best platform.

With UK VPS’s managed VPS hosting services you can have your focus on core business activities while having professionals taking care of security updates and server upgrades. With us, you not only get reliable and fast managed VPS servers but a plethora of other service features as well. Have a look below:

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
UK VPS Custom 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1London, UK$11.00
UK VPS X 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1London, UK$11.00
UK VPS Y 22 GB60 GB SSD2 TB1London, UK$20.00
UK VPS Z 44 GB120 GB SSD4 TB1London, UK$37.00

  • We host client sites on enterprise servers accommodated in Tier 3 security data centers.
  • Our servers come with a superfast SSD VPS hosting option.
  • State of the art and perfectly secured data centers are what we are known for.
  • Our VPS servers are duly configured for reliability and speed.
  • The team of hosting specialists working for us is available for the help of all clients 24/7.
  • We are also providing app configuration and installation assistance.
  • We also offer website migration solutions.
  • Instant customer assistance is available through email, chat, and phone.
  • Our servers are feature-packed and come up with free backups for protecting sites.

Features that Set Our Managed VPS Hosting Solutions Apart from the Competitors

There are a number of exclusive features that set our managed VPS hosting solutions apart from those of our competitors. They are as follows:

  • With us, you can expect excellent and pro-active customer support available 24/7. All our VPS hosting packages are backed by a committed group of hosting specialists and support professionals adept at solving the hosting-related issues of all the customers. We are available on the phone, live chat, and ticket. Our experts provide 24/7 support for ensuring that the clients get the assistance that they need, at the time when they need it.
  • There are no long delays in service and even no jargon and outsourced support. We are always there for our customers whenever they need us!

The Advantages of Our Managed VPS Hosting Solutions

Managed VPS hosting solutions coming from the house of UK VPS are specifically designed for making the lives of our consumers much easier. Our managed VPS hosting services are a combination of fast and reliable performance and constant assistance available from experts. This is the main reason why we have always been successful in providing the most perfect and top quality solutions that our clients can completely depend on. UK VPS’s managed VPS hosting accounts cater to a wide assortment of requirements. Regardless of whether you lack the time needed for managing a server or you are completely new to virtual private server hosting, our managed services are there to help you out. Whatever might be the situation; our VPS hosting packages provide scalable solutions ensuring that the clients get the most out of their hosting plans.

Why Our Managed VPS Hosting Solutions are Different?

Our managed VPS hosting solutions are widely used for reselling hosting; hosting and managing several resource-intensive sites; eCommerce stores and blogs and forums with heavy or moderate usage. Other features that make our VPS hosting different from those of our competitors are as follows:

100% Uptime Guarantee and That’s Genuine

Majority of the VPS hosting providers in the market use single or local network storage which means that a site will automatically go down if there is any storage issue. With UK VPS, you will be getting distributed storage with several servers and locations. This combined with our redundant networks; means you will not be facing any site failures. Your site will be up and running all the time and will offer maximum performance.

Incredible Levels of Performance and Speed

With us, you will be getting the fastest virtual private servers, all thanks to the state-of-the-art processors and network access data centers that we deal in.

With us, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while sitting back and relaxing because you will be knowing that your VPS server is in safe hands. Our VPS server hosting specialists possesses several years of skilled experience in managing servers and handling the ins and the outs of virtual private servers. Thus, you can remain assured of availing constant support and detailing on how to optimize your virtual private server hosting experience in the best way possible.

Apart from this, we are also into providing solutions for hardware and software-related service discrepancies and valuable suggestion on updates and changes for maintaining server performance. With us, you will be getting VPS hosting services that will let you enjoy the best results over time!


  1. What is managed VPS hosting?

Managed VPS hosting is where the hosting provider takes up the responsibility of looking after server tasks like configuration, system, and security upgrades. However, the users will have access to the server admin.

  1. How is managed and unmanaged VPS hosting different?

Server upgrades are very well taken care of with VPS hosting while users will have to take care of everything and all the changes on an unmanaged VPS server. Going for unmanaged VPS hosting solutions can prove to be beneficial for the ones who have sound technical knowledge.

  1. What are the inclusions of a fully managed virtual private server hosting account?

System upgrades, updates, and patches are all taken care of under a managed virtual private server hosting account. The cPanel is also monitored and 24/7 support is available.

  1. Is managed VPS server hosting expensive?

It might cost a little more than unmanaged VPS server hosting but that extra price is always worth getting rid of the headache you have when having to manage a server.