Windows VPS Hosting

UK VPS is the name that you can trust when it comes to availing managed and high-performance Windows VPS hosting servers.

The Windows VPS hosting servers at UK VPS are powered by the latest generation and fast Intel processors along with complete SSD storage. One thing that makes us one of the best web hosting providers in the market is that all our servers come backed with 24/7 customer support. Our Windows VPS servers come as the greatest and the latest versions of the popular Windows server operating systems and have been re-built right from ground to power-mission the most critical applications and programs. Pre-installed with ASP.Net, you can instantly start deploying all your ASP.NET applications on our servers without having to go through any kind of hassle.

Our powerful, fast, and secure Windows VPS servers are known for their high performance and out of the box features and specifications. Apart from offering advanced performance and security, our servers even have the ability to handle the most demanding and sophisticated sites.

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
UK VPS Custom 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1London, UK$11.00
UK VPS X 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1London, UK$11.00
UK VPS Y 22 GB60 GB SSD2 TB1London, UK$20.00
UK VPS Z 44 GB120 GB SSD4 TB1London, UK$37.00

Servers with the Perfect Combination of Open Source and Windows

Simply because you are going for Windows VPS hosting does not really mean that you need to be limited to the use of Microsoft technologies. No, this is not the case if you are going for the VPS hosting solutions available from UK VPS. Our VPS services offer you the option of installing Perl, MySQL, and PHP- all configurable easily from within the Plesk control panels. All our VPS servers also come with the option of pre-installing SQL with the potential of upgrading to almost any available present edition right from the web to the enterprise.

Our easy-to-use control panel will make it further easier for you to manage your Windows VPS hosting account simply by using a powerful yet simple web-based interface. This interface places you in full control of the Windows VPS server that you get from us. Our VPS server hosting solutions bridge the gap between dedicated and shared server hosting. We, at UK VPS, are known for delivering servers that offer flexibility, control, and high-performance at an extremely low price. Serving as the best in the server hosting industry, we take pride in owning, managing, and operating state-of-the-art and fully protected and secure data centers across the world.

We have the ability to customize our Windows VPS hosting solutions as per the precise requirements of our customers. With us, you will also be getting 24/7 expert technical assistance, great customer service, and fast response. Our Windows VPS servers are completely redundant with several hot and happening swappable blazing-fast RAID SSDs along with power supplies. Our servers are not just fast but they also tend to be highly reliable.

With our Windows VPS servers at your service, you can completely forget about downtime. Finally, the most important point in support of our Windows VPS hosting solutions is that you will be getting a plethora of features and specifications with the servers you go for but within costs that can easily be afforded by almost any individual or company.

Why Make the Choice of UK VPS Windows VPS Hosting Solutions?

Each and every staff member of UK VPS’s experienced and highly-skilled technical assistance department is adept at delivering superior quality support for the Windows server plans of the users and that too any time of the day and the night. Out Windows VPS servers are known for delivering high performance within the most affordable range. What’s more, the clients have complete control with expert and friendly support; availability of both Windows and Linux options; option of installing one’s own preferred software; complete control of the server; high availability; 100% network uptime SLAs and great speed, performance, and value.

After several years of thorough testing and research, we have been successful in establishing ourselves as one of the topmost Windows VPS hosting providers in the market. We are considered the best mainly because we offer the most secure, stable, and performance-based hosting services with DDoS protection; backup for client site, and 99.99% uptime for keeping the business sites of our clients live 24/7.

At UK VPS, we are into offering completely managed Windows VPS hosting servers for making the hosting experience of our clients free of trouble. Our highly qualified and experienced Microsoft certified administrators are adept at nursing Windows virtual private servers right from the setup of the servers to installation, optimization, and tuning. We also deal with Windows patches and updates along with Firewall and anti-virus protection. Our completely managed Windows VPS hosting servers offer top-quality performance with a lot of memory and CPU resources for the use of business sites and data-intensive applications. So, what are you waiting for? Come straight to us and have the best hosting experience ever!


  1. Is Windows VPS hosting the right solution for my site?

If you have a site that is all set to witness huge traffic spikes then Windows VPS hosting is for you?

  1. Is it a powerful solution?

Yes, Windows VPS servers from UK VPS are SSD powered and thus they offer powerful network connectivity to keep your site up and running without any hindrances.

  1. So I get span protection with a Windows VPS server?

Yes, you will get full-fledged protection against receiving spam emails.

  1. What about DDoS protection?

At UK VPS, we are also into providing servers with DDoS protection for the users.