Cloud VPS Hosting

What is Cloud VPS Hosting?

Cloud VPS Hosting makes use of multiple servers. Which are connected together in a single network – known as a bunch that is backed by RAID configurations. The Users would all have root access to the Virtual machine, but in this case, the resources are pulled from a massive way and released back when unused.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS in simple words is where a single physical server is divided into smaller virtual servers using virtualization technology. For that purpose, VMWare and HyperV are the two technologies that actually made a mark. Having physical dedicated servers virtualization using one of the hypervisors allows the creation of multiple servers. That inherits the properties of the base server each server acting as a dedicated server in itself (in a virtual environment).

Cloud VPS Hosting is a relatively new kind of Hosting plan, but it’s becoming more popular as it has several benefits over traditional hosting. Benefits

Reliability – your website is spread across several interconnected servers. Those are all storing the same information. It’s no issue if one server goes offline because the others fill the gap, and your website remains always online.

Flexibility – With Cloud VPS Hosting, you only pay for the server resources you use. So if traffic goes up, your host scales up resources and visitors, and you pay for the extra. If traffic goes down, then your host scales down resources and it pays less. This type saves you more money.

Is VPS Hosting Better than Cloud Hosting?

The main difference between the two server environments is performance. Cloud Hosting offers you great server fastest and ultimate flexibility, from resource usage to pricing. Overall that Cloud VPS Hosting is the best & fit for users, who simply want to launch a new website and have outgrown the limits of their shared hosting environment. VPS hosting is better than Shared Hosting.

Differences between Cloud and VPS

  • Scalability: The main knock about Virtual Private Servers is that they don’t scale well. Conversely, a cloud’s infrastructure allows for scaling all time depending on demand. Scaling vertically increases the size of your server, so you can handle whatever growth comes your way. The augment RAM, bandwidth, and computing resources automatically on the run, no reboot required.
  • High Availability: For the utmost in availability, the cloud is the better due to its failover protection. In the cloud infrastructure, your virtual server is always live. Then Cloud VPS can share the load of one server with other connected servers in the infrastructure with full security and privacy. This is the case with a VPS, as you just have the virtualization software on a hypervisor, which can reason downtime. Cloud VPS set-ups have multiple servers running with the hypervisor on the host and manage the virtual Server. You can choose according to your business need.
  • Custom Infrastructure: While any good provider provides at least some sort of customization on their VPS Server. Cloud servers are on a whole another level. Choose from hundreds of operating system and app templates or create your own template. It decides exactly how much storage you want, and creates tiered storage set-ups with multiple features cloud.
Advantages of Cloud VPS Hosting – Onlive Server

1- Like as Dedicated Server Resources – Like dedicated servers, on the Cloud VPS Server. Your resources are dedicated. A Cloud VPS server has all its resources (CPU, RAM, Storage, etc.) dedicated to your website. Cloud VPS Server is nearly identical to how a dedicated server operates. Each Cloud VPS is contained within itself like as dedicated so other users on the cloud have absolutely no effect on your website.

2- Better Scalability than Dedicated Server – Cloud VPS Hosting is easily more scalable than dedicated servers. With dedicated servers, increasing CPU better performance would usually mean that a technician would require replacing the CPU of the server itself or migrating your website or server to a new machine. This could take several even days to complete.  With Cloud VPS, you can instantly scale your CPU performance by multiple cores and increase allowable RAM whenever you need it. There’s no need to replace hardware and no need to migrate your website. Most importantly, your website always will remain up and running.

3- Self-Healing Hardware – Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud VPS has self-healing hardware machines. In a Cloud VPS environment, hardware failure does not mean downtime. What this means is that if one root stop, your Cloud VPS is automatically moved to other ways.

4- Full Control of Cloud VPS Server – When you can have root access on Cloud VPS Server. Then you can even install your own operating system and control panel. Cloud VPS Hosting means that all freedom to do what you want to do. you can Install as many custom web applications & apps as needed. You have full control over control what you want to place on your Cloud VPS Server.

There are many VPS hosting providers. Onlive Server provides VPS Windows 10 hosting which is considered the best windows cloud solution. However, they have flexible offers with a splendid performance.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Conclusion –

Check always with the service provider how much uptime previous users have from hosting their websites with the high-end provider. Overall, Cloud VPS Hosting Plans can be an ideal option for your business to run a web business without spending a lot of money. The main key is to educate yourself so that you can make the right disposition towards business. There is no point in spending huge amounts of money on VPS without knowing or not fully understanding the plans. For more information contact Onlive Server.