Netherlands VPS Server

Onlive Server offers Netherlands VPS Server at the lowest price with all flexible felicities. It is a famous hosting provider that provides 100% dedicated and virtual private servers for all business needs. We offer our clients a wide range of virtual servers like Linux VPS, Windows VPS and FreeBSD VPS.

We provide our customers with a 100% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support. Our Netherlands VPS Server is highly secure and has hardware that makes them more reliable. All our servers come with clear documentation, high network bandwidth and low latency connectivity.

What is a Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of computer hardware you can use for your business. It provides the same resources and power as a standard physical server but is housed in a virtual environment. This means you have complete control over the operating system, applications, software and hardware.

This allows you to choose which components you want to install on your VPS. You might not need all of them or even any at all! For example, if you wanted to install a word press blog on your VPS, you could do so without paying the monthly hosting fee that comes with it.

You can also choose between different providers depending on your needs and budget. You can find cheap VPS providers at Company offers Netherlands VPS servers at the most affordable price with all flexible felicities.

Some features of VPS Server:

The server is located in Netherlands, with high-quality hardware and technical support benefits.

Servers are equipped with powerful dual Xeon CPU and RAM.

Each server has a root password that allows you to install software without restrictions.

All servers are protected by advanced firewalls, allowing you to control your computer’s access and its resources.

Benefits of a Netherlands VPS Server

It is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for hosting your projects on the cloud. Cloud hosting is ideal for businesses, developers, or individuals who wish to have their websites or applications hosted free. It is also a perfect way to set up your website on the internet, as it will cover all the technical issues.

You can host multiple websites in one virtual private server (VPS). In this case, each website will be hosted separately on the physical hardware machine you rent from our company. You can add additional storage space, RAM and CPU power if required by increasing your rental payment accordingly.

High-quality SSD Driver

You can get a dedicated IP address for each virtual machine you want to use for your business website or application backend server. This makes it more secure and reliable than shared hosting services, which share their resources with other clients’ websites on their servers.

Our server comes with a high-quality SSD driver. This driver is designed to increase your HDD’s speed to support your SSD’s speed. We provide you with the best performance and stability.

Huge Storage Space

We use SSD drives for hosting, so you can get more storage space than other VPS Hosting providers. Our servers are pre-loaded with extra storage space, which our customers can use without paying extra money.

Control Panel Access

The Control Panel is a web-based interface that allows you to manage your server. It uses the same username and password as the ‘root’ user, allowing you to access all areas of your server.

It offers an intuitive control panel with many options and functions that can be configured to suit your needs.


The control panel has been designed to give easy access to all the information you need to manage your VPS server. There are many features available, including:

Storage settings – change the size of your hard drives, set a partition size limit or disable them altogether.

System information – view details about your system hardware, including CPU speed and amount of RAM installed on your server. You can also see detailed statistics about how much space has been used by each program running on it (including web browsers).

Ultimate Security & Privacy

High-performance VPS servers are the best way to run your website, application or service. We use top-tier hardware for our servers, which is constantly upgraded and kept up to date. Our high-speed SSD drives allow you to run your server faster.

Our hosting offers several security features that protect your data from hackers and malicious attacks. We use industry-standard encryption with our virtual private servers and have multiple layers of security to protect against hackers.

Better Bandwidth

It offers better bandwidth in comparison to other hosting providers. It ensures that your website is always up and running without lag or downtime.

Highly Secure Environment

VPS Server hosts are very secure and safe. We use advanced firewall solutions and intrusion detection systems which help us to protect you from hackers and other attackers.


The server is fully managed, and you can use all the features of your server at any time. You can also choose from different servers according to your needs. In the end, Onlive Server offers the Best VPS Server in Netherlands.

Our experts have selected the best VPS Servers for you based on their performance, security and price. Our team of experts will help to choose the most suitable Linux VPS Server for your business needs.