UAE VPS Server

What is VPS hosting?

An Internet hosting company that hosts your website data on virtual servers. The customer installs operating systems and apps onto their assigned virtual machine. Allowing them to run their programs with near-total control over the environment. Unlike shared web hosting, where several customers share an internet server. Each UAE VPS client has its own virtual or private server that they may operate individually. Administrators can adapt the resources of each virtual server when client needs for computing resources (throughput and storage) vary. Said, your Virtual Private Server will give you the feeling of having. Your dedicated computer at a fraction of the expense of purchasing one.

Why Should You opt for Low-Cost UAE VPS Hosting?

One of your main worries while looking for low-cost UAE VPS hosting services is likely to have cost. If you’re starting on a shoestring budget, dedicated hosting services. Which are several times more expensive than shared web hosting plans, and are likely out of reach. However, just because it’s a budget plan doesn’t mean it can’t include. All the features you want in a web host. We provide affordable UAE VPS hosting services with a choice of Windows or Linux operating systems. 24×7 support from our highly-trained experts. And more features at a fraction of the cost of normal hosting with a dedication to always supplying high-quality servers. Now is the time to get your UAE virtual private server!

Why Should You Choose Our Low-Cost UAE VPS Hosting?

  • Get your own virtual private space with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring a reliable environment for your website or application to operate.
  • Use the numerous extensions and modules given by various platforms like Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. Others with our low-cost UAE VPS hosting services.
  • With our 24/7 technical support services. You may configure the software to meet your specific company needs from anywhere around the globe.
  • We’re offering you a fully managed solution that includes one-click script installation, and quick OS reloads at no extra charge.
  • Our servers are powered by Intel Xeon CPUs and SSD discs, ensuring a fast connection.

Virtual Private Servers Have a Lot of Advantages

You’re effectively renting a dedicated hosting service from a data center when you buy a VPS server. What exactly does that imply? Unlike shared hosting services. Which share a single physical server with everyone who uses their platform. You have your virtual server to do with as you wish. A virtual private server is similar to a dedicated hosting platform. It gives you root access to all of your websites, allowing you to operate them totally. It is not shared resources with anybody else. This implies enhanced security, higher dependability, and an overall better experience for both website owners and online users.

The process of installation is simple.

Our platform is extremely user-friendly. We’ll immediately assign you a server for your business after you open an account with us. It’s as easy as entering into our management panel, choosing a server plan, and starting your virtualization journey. If you have any problems or queries along the road, our customer service team is available 24*7. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Support is available 24*7

Onlive Server’s technical support staff is available 24*7 to help you set up your server. They have several years of IT experience. Therefore, they know how to fix your problem as quickly as possible. If you have any problems utilizing our services, please get in touch with us. For better technical help, please provide more details about your server configuration, operating system, etc.

Choose an Operating System

You can utilize our UAE Virtual Private Servers if you’re used to dealing with Windows. If you prefer a more open system with root access, Linux is another option. This implies that when our team adds new functionality to its operating systems. Such as a new application or security patch, you won’t have to wait for us to do it for you. It’s all up to you.

Protect Your Information

Security is one of our main objectives, which is why all of our servers are equipped with a firewall. Anti-virus software to keep your data safe. We also provide premium DDoS protection. Which will keep your site up and running whether you’re being targeted by hackers or those. Who doesn’t agree with what you’re saying? If you use an email account with one of our hosting plans. Your inbox will be protected with SPF and Domain Keys, making. It is less likely to be bombarded with spam emails.


Our UAE VPS server packages are great for company owners who require much control over their servers. Whether you want to start small or grow big. You may host any website on your UAE VPS Server and make it accessible to anybody in our worldwide network. Additionally, because all of our servers have root access, you’ll be able to use software like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla! to help you create your new website. As your company expands, you’ll be able to upgrade with various economical packages suitable for both personal and commercial use. All you need is a web hosting provider. That has fantastic features like auto-backups, anti-DDoS security, and limitless MySQL databases, among other things.


Cheap virtual private server hosting in the UAE with service and features suited to your need. We can help you build a strong, scalable cloud solution in minutes at a low cost without any technical knowledge. The Cheap UAE VPS Server created to allow developers of all levels to test their apps in various scenarios without harming their production settings. Our experts will walk you through each stage of your order so you can start using our service right now.