Linux Shared Hosting

Linux shared hosting is a kind of web hosting that utilizes a Linux working framework on the server. It’s easy and convenient.   As per your needs, we can offer you Web Hosting database of your choice. Our cheapest Linux Web Hosting is an ideal for small and medium business.

We likewise offer SSD site servers as they are great for organizations, who need to transfer numerous sites. Onlive Server has been a world driving Linux Web Hosting modest administrations supplier organization. We offer a category of Expert Shared Hosting to fit any need.

Basic Features of Web Hosting-

  • Configurator Security and Firewall – Configserver  Firewall (CSF) is a sophisticated firewall package for Linux systems that improves server security. The LFD ( Login Failure Daemon) process which screens your server for ineffective login endeavors and makes a move against the wrongdoer IP address, is additionally included.
  • Imunify 360– It is machine learning based security solution for Linux Web servers that uses multi layer strategy to protect against all kinds of malicious attacks and unusual behaviour.
  • Encrypt SSL– (Secure Sockets Layer) is used in Linux. The SSL certificates encodes the site’s information and sets up a safer association. It secures the connection between your website and the customer’s internet browser.

Advantages Of Linux Shared Hosting-

More Special Advantages-

  • Cost Effective– It is cost effective just because you want the best  server available does not mean that you can do not have a budget to worry about. Linux is a best option for the cost-effective, as it cuts out all the extra software you need to make the most out of a Window Server.
  • Open Source Network–  As mentioned above, one of the biggest of Linux has to be its open source software. This is because Linux does not belong to any single person- it is a cooperative system that anyone can contribute to.
  • Security– There is no operating system out there that can completely secure you against all software attacks. Although Linux has remained largely unmarked in many of the biggest cyber attacks to date. Windows might continue to be the monster in the OS world, this also makes them a huge plan for cybercriminals.
  • Provides Privacy– Today, the operating system converge more information than ever to profile its users. For some people, this means better usability, for others, it means a lack of privacy that they simply do not like. Linux collects very little data about its users, and later the system is ethical, you can always get empty of any software you do not trust.

Linux Shared Hosting And Linux Web Hosting-

Linux Shared Hosting is different from Linux Web Hosting. Web Hosting is available in different formation like shared hosting, VPS server hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and cloud hosting.


Linux Shared Hosting–  In shared hosting, the provider hosts several websites on a single server where each of the websites are given limited resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth and they can not increase the resources. It is very reliable and suits a business that does not have many visitors and is new or small business.

Linux Web Hosting – It is much broader and assign to a hosting service based on the Linux crux. You could review all the hosting forms like Linux  shared hosting, Linux VPS hosting, Linux reseller hosting and Linux dedicated server hosting. Linux is open source and freely available and so does not carry any license free.


Linux does not really differentiate between Cheap VPS Server and workstation. We should picked up some important Linux skills. In fact, you have practiced sufficient, you should feel comfortable taking responsibility for many common server. Being able to unify all your servers into one domain is useful because it allows for easier regulation and user file sharing.